Sunday, March 3, 2013

Falling Off The Bandwagon

It's probably obvious from my lack of posts lately, even after someone nudged me and asked me how my goals were coming, but I've fallen off the bandwagon. I'm not working out regularly. My sugar addiction is winning, and I'm not drinking nearly enough water. The results are obvious in my health and energy level. I'm writing this right now, because tomorrow is a new day. I'm kicking the sugar to the curb. Again. I'm starting over. I will drink six glasses of water. I will work out for 30 minutes. And I've decided to start writing down what I eat. I will do this every day for thirty days. I can do it! But trying to do everything I've set out to do and maintain two blogs is getting overwhelming. So I've decided to blog here only once a week on Saturdays. I'm giving up the mission to find 52 sugar free/splenda free recipes, because it's virtually impossible to find recipes that use neither. And the hunt takes time,not to mention cooking time, and food photography. It's going to have to be enough to just get through the day without sugar and still manage to workout, drink water, and write.

On the positive side, while I've been working out less, I've written 60 pages in the last five days. I also got an agent last week. And I got strong enough to admit in public I fell off the band wagon, pick up the pieces and start over.

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  1. Congratulations on the agent. I hope you can return to your fitness and healthy living goals. A perfect writing career means nothing to me if I'm not healthy. That's why writing AND fitness/health are both very important to me.