Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Update

Wow! Rough week. The food poisoning lingered so it Thursday before I started working out again. I did semi-okay on eating the first few days (mainly because I was still sick), but not as well the past few. I've had major insomnia lately, because there is something in my life not quite settled and I need it to be done!!!! However, it's out of my control, so all I can do is wait and see what happens. And in the mean time, even sleeping pills aren't helping. Then I rely on sugar(which I'm not even supposed to be eating) and caffeine to get through the day.

But I did sleep some last night, so maybe it's getting better. Either way i'm cutting the caffeine and sugar out again. My husband was supposed to go on a diet with me, but we keep waiting to go find a diet book together. I remind him every weekend, but so far it hasn't happened. Tomorrow is his last chance. After that I'll do it on my own.

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