Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guilt Free Treat #2 Honey Cookies

No picture this week because my lovely computer, camera, or some combination there of ate it. Thanks, technology. They were beautiful though.

So here is the deal. Honey cookies aren't totally guilt free. Honey is high calorie, so these aren't exactly a low calorie sweet, but they're one of the few cookies that can be made without sugar or splenda. They still taste great and look pretty(no proof of that now). I used Truvia instead of sugar. This does not usually work, but since the honey is sweet it worked fine. I used more Truvia than if I were using sugar (I think I tripled it). Because I tripled the "sugar" (a solid) I used more honey. I had a nice consistency going so I was able to use slightly less melted butter. I'd rather use more honey than butter anyhow. I also used more vanilla (not because of consistency, just because vanilla gives things such a nice, rich flavor) and sprinkled in cinnamon.

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